Hello Jam lovers!

Welcome to the Jammy website.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell all my wonderful customers
that I shall no longer be trading at the London Farmers Market after Christmas.
In fact I am taking a sabbatical from the jam business.

So a big thank you to all my customers for your support over the last 5 years
I do appreciate it.

Also until my stock is completely depleted, you should be able to purchase Jammy products
from the shops listed below.


Top up your Jammy jams & marmalades and chutneys at:
Froth & Rind 37 Orford Rd E17 9NL visit The Spar The Village Stores 24-26 Orford Road Walthamstow E17 9NJ

18 thoughts on “Hello Jam lovers!

  1. My pursuance of the perfect marmalade ended with the discovery of the ‘Bitter Orange’ by a Bonne Maman.

    My challenge to you Madame, is for Jammy Val to better Bonne Maman’s product, and arouse within me more than just the stirrings of mere taste-buds; after all, the ‘way to a man’ heart’ and all that….

    Happy stirring the sweet stuff.


    • Well Sir, I recognise a gauntlet when I see one….prepare to have your heart broken with my bitter sweet amber nectar!

  2. Well, I’ve been to heaven and back after tasting your raspberry jam (actually we licked that jar clean!). Can’t wait to try out the marmalade.

  3. I love the deliciously distinct style of jammyVal’s preserves. My recent favourite is the Chilli Chutney – an amazing combination of hot chilli tempered by just the right amount of sweetness – unbeatable!!

  4. Absolutely loved the Blackcurrant Jam – a definite winner for me! Save me some raspberry for next time please!! Yum Yum……..

  5. I picked up a jar of your lemon and lime marmalade and a jar of your lime marmalade at Tottenham Green earlier today. I just had some of the lemon and lime on toast (yes, it is half two in the morning, but still…) and it was brilliant. Clear sharp flavours but not overly sharp for this time of night.

    I don’t think the jar will last that long!

  6. I bought some of your chutneys at the Brook Green W14 Sat farmers market in the Summer! They are wonderful! I gave one also as a gift to friends in Spain and they loved it! I hope you will come to Brook Green again Thank you xx

  7. Hi Val, just stumbled across your website and would be very interested in buying some of your jams and chutney. Can you tell me how much per jar please and what size the jars are. Many thanks, R.

  8. Just enjoying our first ever jar of your delicious jam, the strawberry, bought at Blackheath market.
    Suffice to say there’s been much more toast eating in the house than usual since we bought it! Can’t wait to return and try other flavours.

  9. I saw some of your delights at the local week and thought I’d tip you the wink about a fantastic foodie award I’ve seen banded around at the moment “The Chutney Awards” (www.thechutneyawards.com)

    I think your products would excel in this – wishing you the best of luck 🙂

    All the best


  10. Happened to stumble upon a stall selling jammyval and tried the most delicious chilli 🌶 jam that I could have with everything! When I purchased this I enquiries what people may use it with and was told,anything, and that one person enjoys it with porridge!?! At the time I thought each to their own but now the jar is close to finish I’m feeling that I could easily eat it with porridge. Proof of how much I love ❤️ this Jam and shall buy many more jars. Thank you for the brilliant experience and wonderful tastes your delectable Jams provide.

  11. I discovered Jammy Val at Woodberry Wetlands Open Weekend earlier this year. I have to say it’s the best jam I’ve ever had! Val manages to capture the fruit’s flavour beautifully. Thanks Val.

  12. Jammy Val – Just seen that you’re not doing Blackheath farmers market anymore ….


    This means no more coconut ice, or caramel chocolate bars.

    Do you do mail order?

    Mark, Wilf & Etta

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